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O Suzie Q ADGA # N1624699
TLC-Farms Next Don Juan x TLC-Farms O Peggy Sue

Suzie is a pure bred Nubian, born 2/12/10. She is tan with a lot of white/grey roaning with brown and black trim. She is curious and very friendly. She is a consistant milker throughout her lactation giving about a gallon a day as a first freshener. Can't wait to see how she performs this coming season. Suzie is G6S normal by testing.

DJ Libby ADGA # N1623663
TLC-Farms Next Don Juan x Stritch Farms Lucinda

Libby is a pure bred Nubian, born 2/12/10. She is red with a white patch on her side. She is a stocky doe with a large rumen. This will be her first freshening.

Thymeless Treasure ADGA # N1517181 

Tess is a pure bred Nubian, born 3/24/10. She is a dark brown with white marbling on her body. She is the only doe here with brown ears. Tess is a compact doe. She is inquisitive and friendly. Tess is G6S normal by testing.

DJ Natalie ADGA # AN1623662
TLC-Farms Next Don Juan x The Zanzibar Naomi

Natalie is an American Nubian, born like her half sister's 2/12/10. She is a tall brown doe with a friendly personality. She had twins her first freshening and was a strong milker that first year. 

BD Julianna ADGA # AN1509470

Julianna ia an American Nubian, born 1/9/2010. She is shy but friendly. She is one of the farms best milkers. Her dam is a *star milker and Julianna will be tested also.

NP Farm's Y Repete Diva ADGA # GN1624826
NP Farm's Yzma  x  Victory Meadows Repete

Diva is a grade Nubian, born 6/17/10. She is a big bodied doe with flashy coloring. She has Goldthwaite in her pedigree. She is very friendly and laid back. You will sometimes see her laying with her head in the feeder eating! She is a wonderful first freshener, on the stand and in the bucket! Diva is G6S normal by testing.

NP Farm's Yzma ADGA # GN1616784

Yzma is a Native On Appearance (NOA) born in 2004. She was one of the farms first does. She is very shy and very smart. She is friendly if you have a treat in your hand. Yzma loves treats! She has given us triplets each time she kids. She is a dependable milker. She is G6S normal by testing.

NP Farm's Caribbean Calypso ADGA # Pending
O Suzie Q x Treasur Hunter

Calypso is a pure bred Nubian, born 3/6/11. She is a red roan and very friendly. She gave us bucklings so we are still waiting to see a doeling from her.

NP Farm's Hunters Splash ADGA # Pending
Natalie x Treasur Hunter

Splash is an American Nubian born 3/17/11. Splash is very smart and unlocks gates! She is great on the milkstand and has wonderful potential as a milker! Her first kidding she gave us triplets!

NP Farm's Black Pearl ADGA # Pending
NP Farm's Yzma x Treasur Hunter

Pearl is a grade Nubian born 2/17/11. She is a black doe with frosted ears. She is very lay back and easy going. She inherited the silky coat of her sire and everyone loves to pet her. She gave us two doelings and will be bred to the same buck again for 2013 kidding.


NP Farm's Bloomin Jasmine IDGR # GE-8820MN

Jasmine is a mini Nubian, born in 2006. She is the first mini Nub here at the farm. Jasmine is a great milker!  She puts over a gallon a day in the bucket. Her milk is the creamiest and tastes the best! I plan on putting her on milk test this season. Hopefully another * milker on the farm. She is G6S normal by testing.

NP Farm's Lady Valorie IDGR # E-9033MN

Ella is a mini Nubian, born 3/3/2010. She is a smaller doe with a Nigerian Dwarf body type. She is a grey black with frosted ears. She maybe the smallest in the herd but she is bold (able to hold her own with larger does) and friendly with people. Ella's dam milked a gallon /day so I am anxious to see what she will produce in the bucket.


NP Farm's Violet ADGA # GA1616803

Violet is a Native on Appearance (NOA) Alpine, born 5/30/09. She was added to the farm to bring in more milk. Violet is a wonderful milker. She brings in more milk alright! She has a spacious udder that is well attached.


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